DBD - Coupling Chain, Pick-up, Balanced Suspension and Hydraulic

DBD produces Coupling Chain, Pick-up, Balanced Suspension Tandem, SIDRA Hydraulic Suspension, SYKA FREE Hydraulic Suspension, forage-harvesters, loading wagons

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Qualitative leader
Always endeavouring to improve product quality, our firm dedicates time and energy to the construction of systems able to meet the most varied requirements.

This site illustrates our current production, including link chains and relative accessories, pick-ups and balanced suspensions.

Since 1967 D.B.D. is in the market offering agricultural machine components and its technical department is able to meet producers' as well as spare part workshops' needs.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us to get more information. Our customers are everywhere in Europe and the reliability and professional competence of our Company can be proven by them.